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UNC-Chapel Hill Website Redesign


UNC Chapel Hill

Website Redesign


A new web experience for a historic institution.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the United States, and is today one of the top-ranked universities in the nation. UNC came to Digital Pulp for an complete overhaul of their website with the goal of producing an accessible, modern, and genuine Carolina web experience. In my role as an Art Director, I was responsible for all template production and design oversight of the project beyond initial concepting.


Simplified navigation and beautiful, engaging stories.

Digital Pulp's strategy for the new UNC.edu began with the modernization and simplification of the sitemap and navigation. Dozens of links nested up to six levels deep made for a frustrating, unwieldy experience.

Our UX team reordered and distilled everything into three simple navigation items: Discover, Navigate, and Search. Users can explore curated stories, browse an orderly list of links, or just jump right in with a keyword. In an industry plagued with complicated navigation structures, an approach this simple is all but revolutionary.

UNC's team is devoted to maintaining the site content and producing engaging stories for prospective students and community members alike. With this commitment to storytelling in mind, DP developed flexible ways to highlight Carolina and its work.


A modular and scalable system that provides variety and cohesion.

To efficiently rebuild a site of this size, we turned to a modular approach. The new UNC.edu is built of more than fifty flexible components that can house any kind of content. These modules can be combined and recombined to create any kind of page the university communications team might need. 


"I love it. It's fresh and modern, but it's not flashy. It feels authentically Carolina."

—UNC Chancellor Carol Folt