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A new world awaits

New World Magischola is an immersive live action role-playing game set at a wizarding college in North America. Learn Larp, the creators of New World Magischola, work to interrogate social power structures through thoughtful, radically inclusive role-playing games. I was initially to design a logo suite for the New World Magischola game; the project has grown as the world and fandom around it have expanded. All larp photography here is copyright © Learn Larp, LLC.


Designing the Magimundi

The larger fictional universe to which New World Magischola belongs is known as the Magimundi. As part of a second phase of the project, I was commissioned to design a logo for identifying materials that belong in this world, but not specific to New World Magischola. Books, currency, and a series of other "schools" of magic all belong in the Magimundi.


Where there's light magic, there's dark

And the world of the Magimundi is no different. The principal antagonists of the Magimundi are the Gorecasters, a secret group of wizards who perform untraceable magic using special wands for dark rituals involving human and animal sacrifices. The founder of this group is, in the history of the game, an alumnus of New World Magischola.

I explored two a number of variants on the Gorecaster mark. With the clients, we narrowed our options to two marks we liked best. Ultimately, we settled on the simpler symbol—an unseeing eye, representing untraceable magic, bisected by a wand—which we could imagine a young wizard drawing on his papers and etching into desks as he prepared for his ascent. The more complex mark, rooted in the group's gruesome practices, serves as an alternative identifier for the group.