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The Campaign for Monticello Website


We Hold These Truths: Campaign for Monticello

Website design


Preserving and studying Thomas Jefferson's legacy

We Hold These Truths is an ongoing $65 million Capital Campaign for the preservation and expansion of programming at Thomas Jefferson’s historic estate at Monticello. Monticello came to Convoy with an established campaign identity, looking for an engaging Campaign website that would go beyond a landing page for donations.

I led UX and UI for this project, collaborating closely with my teammates at Convoy and our contacts at Monticello to ensure that the project met the clients' needs. The success of the campaign site led to the sale of one of Convoy's largest projects to date, a total overhaul of Monticello's resource site for educators.


The people behind the landmark

Our strategy focused on the real-live people working at Monticello. The campaign website gives potential donors an intimate look at the ways in which their gift will enhance programming at Monticello, and highlights some of the people whose work will directly benefit from the Campaign: the gardeners, the preservationists, and the historians working to recover the stories of the enslaved people who built and maintained Monticello in Jefferson's time.